3D-printed coral larva skeleton

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This is a 3D print of the skeleton of a coral larva, Acropora millepora. The data was obtained by micro-computer-tomography scanning at DESY, a synchrotron facility in Hamburg, as a part of an experiment on how ocean carbon dioxide affects coral growth.

The scan data was in the form of a stack of bitmap images, which needed to be translated into 3D printable data. With ImageJ (?) the object was converted to stl format. The stl object was then edited in Blender, to slightly smoothen the shape and reduce the number of triangles. The object was also cut with a horizontal plane, to ensure that it would lie flat on the print bed. The edited stl file was then sliced in Cura.

Coral-larva-printing.jpg Coral-larva-3d-print.jpeg

Print parameters for an object 11 cm in diameter:

      0.2 mm layer height
      0.8 mm shell thickness
      0.6 mm bottom, top thickness
      15% fill density
      printing time 4 h, 33 g filament.