3D-printed delta bird

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3D-printed delta bird

This is a simple model of a bird, to be used as illustration when explaining a simulation of bird flocking behavior. The model is simple, it consists of just 6 triangles. Rendering of the Delta bird

It cannot be printed in one piece, since that would give too steep overhangs. We decided to split it in two pieces and attach them by printed dowels. Thanks to Monique who did the splitting and dowel design in Autodesk Inventor!

Cura settings

Printed in PLA, with these settings, scaled up by a factor 2 in each direction, giving a wing span of 22 cm. The filament consumption is 43 g, printing time 3.5 h.

  • Layer height 0.15
  • Shell thickness 1.0
  • Bottom/top thickness 1.0
  • Fill density 15%

The rest were left on defaults.


The original object, File:Delta frepa.zip

The model split in two, with holes, dowels for attachment. File:Delta split frepa.stl

When printing, the model needs to be rotated 90 degrees, to have the flat side downwards.


Deltabird prinitng.jpg Deltabird done.jpg

The bottom side warped a little, so the pieces don't fit together perfectly. Possibly they could be printed in another orientation instead, then the warping might not show up as a gap between the pieces. Or use a raft around the pieces when slicing in cura.