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Random chips collection

1 x ATTINY2313-20PU
1 x ATMEGA168P-PU (oude chip v. laos display)
XX x ATMEAG328P-PU (nwe chip v. laos display)
30 x AQV257A SMD PhotoMOS-Relais
2 x ULN2003A 7-Channel High-Current Darlington Array
5 x ABMM2 16Mhz SMD Crystal Abracon
5 x CAA41 16Mhz SMD Crystal Citizen CS10
1 x L298N Full-Bridge Motor Driver Dual - L298N
1 x LM358N Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier 
1 x LM358P Dual Operational Amplifier
2 x LM393N Analog Comparators Dual Comparator
1 x BRT21M Optocoupler, Phototriac Output, Zero Crossing
2 x 65HVD251 Canbus transceiver
1 x DS8921N Differential Line Driver and Receiver Pair
2 x AD595AQ Type K Thermocouple Amplifier with Cold Junction Compensation (1 x bij Arduino zooi op print, 1 x in verzamelbakje)
1 x MAX3232 RS-232 Transceiver
10 x MAX232CPE RS-232 Transceiver
5 x MAX232EPE RS-232 Transceiver
1 x ICL232CPE +5V Powered, Dual RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver
1 x MAX233CPP RS-232 Transceiver
1 x LM7805C voltage regulator, 5V, 1A, TO-220
1 x 7805BT voltage regulator, 5V, 1A, TO-220
9 x TS7805 voltage regulator, 5V, 1A, TO-220
1 x LD33V voltage regulator, 3.3V, 800mA, TO-220
5 x MC7805 voltage regulator, 5V, 1A, TO-220
3 x L78S75CV voltage regulator, 7.5V, 2A, TO-220
3 x 7808CT voltage regulator, 8V, TO-220
2 x 7806CT voltage regulator, 6V, TO-220
3 x 7809CT voltage regulator, 6V, TO-220
5 x 78L05AC voltage regulator, 5V, 100mA, SOT54
9 x TIP115 PNP Darlington Power Transistor for motor drives etc.
24 x IRF520N Power MOSFET (hexfet), 100V, 9,7A
2 x RFP50N05 50A, 50V, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
4 x IRF740 N-CHANNEL 400V, 10A
6 x IRFZ48N 55V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET, 64A
1 x IRF630 9A, 200V, N-Channel Power MOSFET
1 x BC516 PNP darlington transistor
2 x BC517 NPN darlington transistor
1 x BC640 PNP transistor
2 x BC559C PNP bipolar transistor
80 x BC547C op kartonnen strip
5 x BS170 MOSFET N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
XX+ BS270 MOSFET (laos display)

XX x KB817 Kingbright optocoupler x 4 (laos mainboard)
15 x 18B20 Dallas Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
2 x DS1820 1–Wire Digital Thermometer
1 x 43A937 SS443A Hall Effect Sensor
1 x S202SE1 Solid state relay
9 x LM324N Quad Operational Amplifier
10 x 74HC32N Quad 2-input OR gate
10 x SN74HC02N Logic Gate Quad 2 Input NOR
10 x SN74HC08N Quad 2 Input AND Gate
7 x SN74HC04N 6 x Hex Inverter
8 x SN74HC14N 6 x Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters
10 x 74HC86N Quad 2-input exclusive-OR gate‎
10 x CD74HC00E Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
1 x 74HC4050N Hex non-inverting HIGH-to-LOW level shifter
4 x ULN2803AN Darlington Transistor Arrays
10 x HSDP-7503 Single Digit Display
8 x SA555P Precision Timers