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Documentation of hardware that somehow ended up in ZB45

Industrial Electonics

Phoenix Interbus

Set contains:

The driver card can work in Linux (but not easy): See [IBSDRV]

Moeller DIL EM-10-G + 22 DIL EM

24-volt relais with many contacts. Can be used for 3-fase 380V, up to 4kW (two pieces)

Kroonsteentjes op rails

Industriele kroonsteentjes op rails (many)

Glass fuse on rails

Glass fuse on rails (3)

Phoenix Contact PLC-BSC-24DC/21

24-volt relais with 1 input, two outputs (6 pieces)

220V outlet for rails

Rails-mounted 220V outlet


24-volt Safety relay with two wire In/OUT, double sensor or emergeny power button input and external reset connection

Telemecanique XPS-AM5140

24-volt Safety relay with emergency stop connection, for 380V

Comat Timer CT33/UC24-48V

24-volt Programmable timer relay with 380V output

Key powerswitch

Power switch with key

K16A double fuse

16A double fuse

K10A single fuse

16A single fuse

6.3A 220V outlet for rails

Rails-mounted 220v outlet with fuse

4-pole mains switch

Build-in switch with 4 poles, for 380V

EPCOS distortion filter

220V distortion filter

Emergency stop

220V emergency stop, 2-fase

Push button

12-30V pushbutton with light



24V/5A power supply

power supply for pneumatics

Pneumatic pump

Festo pneumatic pump

12port valve

Electric Valve for 12 outputs, most 2-directional

Air pressure cleaner with motorised brush

  • 24V DC motor with brushes
  • Double air outlet with regulator

8 Double cillinders

Length: 2*12, 22,2*32, 53, 103 mm

Single cillinder with double sucker

move: 30mm double sucker (zuignap)

Single cillinder with rails

move: 20mm with very strong rails

Long single cillinder

move: 25cm

Long single cillinder in rails

move: 46cm

Single cillinder

move: 25mm

pneumatic switch

pressure feedback switch


pressure regulators, t-connectors, 90-degree connectors, spring bumpers, ...