Laser cut computer fan plate

From ZB45 wiki

A simple plate for mounting a computer fan in the front panel, made from 3 mm multiplex. The plate has a circular cutout for a standard 120 mm computer fan, and four mounting holes (105 mm apart). After mounting the fan on the plate, I wrapped the plate with a metal mesh. The outer measures of the plate are 148.4 mm x 128.0 mm, chosen to fit the front panel of my computer case. With the mesh attached, the plate turned out to be slightly too large to fit easily, but it did fit after some sanding and squeezing.

I bought the mesh at Boesner: Drathgewebe Edelstahl, Maschenweite 0.5 mm, in the Modellbau section.

Fan plate 3.jpg Fan plate.svg Fan plate 1.jpg Fan plate 2.jpg