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The challenge: How do we build a community of users around the Open Tuesday?

Current situation: people come in and use a machine, with our without help of the people in ZB45. There is almost no feedback or contact with other users.


  • sharing knowledge and ideas
  • getting to know others who might be a specialist in something you need
  • sharing practical information about how to use the machines


Let people fill in a form when they enter (on a computer). The form asks a set of basic questions:

  • Who are you (You can use a nickname, but if you fill in a real email, we can contact you)

==> you are creating an account, so next time, you can use this again ==> use existing accounts, like Google+ / Facebook / ... ?

  • What project are you here for
  • Which machines do you want to use?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge about this project with the community? If so, using the machines and getting support is free, if not, you have to pay rent.

==> A project page is created for you, if you choose to share.

  • During the project, you can add stuff to the project page.
  • You can also upload design files.
  • A camera is available, pictures are automatically uploaded to the website and can be linked to your article

If you choose to pay, no documentation is made unless you want to. This way designers/inventors can work on projects they want to keep secret untill they are released.

Simular systems are already in use in FabLab Amersfoort and Protospace. They are based on a Drupal Plugin written by Peter Uitenhoven. We can see if this works for us.