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Building the Printrbot LC (laser cutter)


BOM (bill of materials)


Used in my Printer

-(put in my BOM)-


Laser Cutted Parts





3D Printed Parts

All building files



(the second build at ZB45 by Erwin) The parts used in this build are derived from the above files.

The above files are Adobe Illustrator files, since i only had Inkscape at my disposal, i have converted them.

At first glance, it seemed that an ordinary import was sufficient.

but after close examine it became clear some parts where not accurat.

I changed al the errors i could find.

The files can be found on Thingiverse:

The laser cut files are optimized for a wood thickness of 4,75 mm.

This means that there should be no protruding pieces in the pin and hole connections.

If you are using an other thickness of wood, this can be changed by resizing all the green boxes, and realign the blue cutting lines to the appropriate position.

Building Instuctions


Sanguinololu Board

marlin firmware original

marlin firmware modifed

Arduino (to flash firmware)

Arduino 0023

Sanguinololu for mac (to get Sanguinololu Board as Hardware into Arduino)

Sanguinololu 0023 for mac

FTDI (needed for making connection from compter to the sanguinololu-board via usb to flash firmware MAC)


G Code

My G Code in Cura


G92 X0 G92 Y0 G92 Z0 G92 E0 // 0,0,0

G21 ;set units to mm

G90 ;set absolute mode


M104 S0 ;extruder heater off

M140 S0 ;heated bed heater off (if you have it)

G91 ;relative positioning

G1 E-1 F300 ;retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle, to release some of the pressure

G1 Z+0.5 E-5 X-20 Y-20 F{travel_speed} ;move Z up a bit and retract filament even more

M84 ;steppers off

G90 ;absolute positioning

All G Code Commands

Estimated Costs


Problems to solve


PROBLEM: keeps getting stuck sometimes.

POS. SOLUTION: printed new gears for the extruder and also have a new threaded bold.


Extruder cart

PROBLEM: still not as stable as I like it to be. still tilting.

POS. SOLUTION: other linear bearings


changed extrudercart so the linearbearing I used, fitting good into it. changes are included in the lasercut building parts. see PARTS > Laser Cutted > Modified.

Things to Improve

Bed Leveling and bigger size

Cooling for Electronics / PLA on Building plate

Small Heated Bed (?)